UPDATE: AF Team Members has released! This article has been updated to reflect additional features and benefits when used with the team member plugin

The AF REV/CTA plugin makes it easy to create professional looking slide ins, popup modals, and more.  Easily create new entries from a variety of templates, choose your page targeting and control lead form behavior with just a few clicks! 

To access REV/CTAs: 

In your left menu bar, navigate to: AF Arsenal > REV CTA > CTA Manager

Adding A New CTA: 

Click on the large blue plus button to select from a variety of CTA templates and types. 

Choosing your CTA:

In the modal window that opens, hover over any CTA to see it's title, and click to select that CTA for use.

Titling your CTA: 

Click on the CTA title to make internal adjustments as needed for organizing and keeping track of your various calls to action. 

Routing leads to an agent on your CTA: 

Click on the gear wheel to edit your CTA settings.  

Click Assign New to connect an agent. 

Select the appropriate agent from the list shown. 

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