Any of the popup styles available in our REVCTA plugin can be triggered using buttons on any page or post.  Below are the steps needed to create your anchor link, and set the attributes properly on the page. 

To Create your REVLINK: 

Navigate to your REVCTA popups in the admin and select the link symbol next to your cta.

In the window that opens, create any title you like for your anchor link.

Congratulations! You've given your CTA an anchor URL to use on a page.  

To Connect your REVLINK to a Button in your cornerstone build: 

Navigate to the Cornerstone editor, and to the location where your button can be found on the page. 

Next, Add your REVLINK directly to the HREF of your button.  Be sure to include the # symbol at the beginning of the title you used earlier.

Next, you will need to add a CSS class.  


This css class will need to be added to the button as shown in the image below. 

That's It! Save your page and test your popup.

 Using this within html or in the visual editor of a post or page: 

Simply include the CSS class and the URL to the anchor in your html and it will work identically, Example: 

<a href="#learn-more-button-link" class="rev-cta-trigger-link">This is the text</a>

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