01/13/17 This article is depricated. If you do not have tabs this legacy version is not applicable. 

Your area content plugin comes with it's own Caching system. This is employed to ensure your pages load in the fastest possible timeframe, by storing results ahead of time.

This does make updating filters for IDX results, and demographic data a two step process. 

1. Update your area content entry

Any filter change you make to the IDX results, or to the demographics, descriptions and otherwise, will need to be saved/updated on the page.

2. Updating the Results:

Note: this can be done one of two ways: 

A. For single page updating, the fastest/easiest way is to "bust" the cache.

Simply add /?nocache=1 to the page URL you are viewing. For example:


would become:


Give it a try!

B. Visit Area Content > Settings > Cache. 

You may clear part or all of the cached data on a one by one basis, including items like listing data and demographic data.

You may also use "regenerate content for all tabs" to regenerate cached content for all the databases simultaneously.

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