As you already may know, we are constantly improving our software, and adding new cool things to your website to make the most out of it. Our most recent system for the call-to-actions shown our your website is the REV CTA.

With that system you can easily add a popup with a button to share a post on Facebook. Here you'll learn how to do it.

Step 1

Login to your website admin panel ( )

Step 2

On the left menu, scroll down and click "AgentFire CTA Plus"

Step 3

It will show a little list. Click "Generic"

Step 4

There's a text box, click the "Add New Generic CTA" button

Step 5

As it already shows the new CTA's settings, go over each setting and set it up as described below.

  • Make sure to check the "Active" circle so that your CTA will be shown on the posts.
  • You can set a title for the CTA (this is for your own reference and it's not required).
  • On the Targeting Method, choose "Post Type" and then check "Posts".

Step 6

  • On "Appear Method" choose "Slide from left in footer"
  • On "Appear Condition" choose "Show on scroll position"
  • On "Scroll Percent" set a numbre between 50 to 75. We usually set this up as 50.

Step 7

In this settings you can configure how the popup will look like. We usually only change the following, and the rest remains as it was set by default.

  • Border Width: 0
  • Style: None
  • Background Type: Color

Step 8

  • Headline Text: Share this Post on Facebook
  • In the Subtext you have to put %facebook-like% so it activates the sharing action correctly.
  • Gravity Form: Choose < None >

Save changes

Do not forget to click "Save Options on the right module.

Now you can test this going to one of your blog posts and scrolling down.

If you have further questions or need help with setting this up, feel free to contact our team. We'll be happy to help you.

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