As you may already know, we are constantly improving our software, and adding new cool things to your website to make the most out of it. Our most recent system for the call-to-actions shown our your website is the REV CTA.

By default, your site will have a few popups to help you collect the leads information. On the Perfect Home Finder and What's My Home Worthe pages you can see the "Download the Guide" call-to-action. There are probably things you would like to change like the title, description, or button colour... That is possible and here you'll learn how to edit those things.

Step 1

Login to your website admin panel ( )

Step 2

On the left menu, scroll down and click "AgentFire CTA Plus"

Step 3

It will show a little list. Click "Guide"

Once there, it will open all the settings of your CTA. The only thing we recommend editing is the text or the button colour. However, you can go over all the settings to configure your "Download the Guide" as you want it.

Please note that there are two call-to-actions set: 

-Buyers Guide (Displayed on the PErfect Home Finder page)

-Sellers Guide (Displayed on the What's My Home Worth page)

Make sure to edit the correct one. 

Editing the image

In case there's a new design of your guide, you can change the existing popup image by clicking the " X " on the existing image. Then, click "Add image" and select a new image (whether from your WordPress Media Library or uploading a new one from your computer).

Please note that this setting is only to setup the guide's image for the popup, but it doesn't change the actual book cover design. 

Editing the Text

On the popup you want to edit, either it is the buyers or the sellers' guide, scroll down to the Headline Intro Text box. In the same row you'll be able to edit each text line of the popup as shown below:

Editing the Button Colour

Right below the text section, there's the section to edit the button colour.

Save Changes

After you've made the changes, make sure to save the changes by clicking "Save Options" on the right module.


Please make sure that the Gravity Form is correctly set depending on the CTA you are configuring. i.e. If it's the Sellers Guide, then Request a Seller guide.

That's it. You can test that your Download the Guide CTA looks exactly how you want, just go to your website, refresh the page and check that it shows up correctly.

If you have further questions or need help with setting this up, feel free to contact our team. We'll be happy to help you.

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