As you already may know, we are constantly improving our software, and adding new cool things to your website to make the most out of it. Our most recent system for the call-to-actions shown our your website is the REV CTA.

By default, your site will have a few popups to help you collect the leads information. On the home, areas and neighborhoods pages you can see the "Schedule A Call" call-to-action. There are probably things you would like to change like the title, description, picture, or button colour... Everything is possible and here you'll learn how to edit those things.

Step 1

Login to your website admin panel ( )

Step 2

On the left menu, scroll down and click "AgentFire CTA Plus"

Step 3

It will show a little list. Click "Schedule" 

Once there, it will open all the settings of your CTA. In the following steps you'll learn how to edit certain things. What is not listed here but you can see on the settings page, is because we recommend leaving those as they currently are.

Rounded image / Phone Number

To change the picture simply delete the existing picture by clicking on a X that appears when you put there your cursor. We recommend using the logo, or a professional picture of you.

We always make sure that the phone number is correct, but in case we missed something, you can update your phone number in that field.


Here is where you can edit the title, description, and button's text and their colours.

Top Bar and Form Background image

If you'd like to update the picture you can do it by deleting the existing one and adding a new one. You can do it by choosing one from your media gallery or uploading one from your computer. We recommend that both images are the same one.

Save the Changes

Finally, don't forget to save the changes by clicking "Save Options" on the right module.

That's it. You can test that your Schedule A Call CTA looks exactly how you want, just go to your website, refresh the page and check that it shows up correctly.

If you have further questions or need help with setting this up, feel free to contact our team. We'll be happy to help you.

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