When you would like to add a button to your site, all you need to know is the URL of where it goes, and what you would like the button to say. Follow these directions to add buttons that will match your current theme.

Step 1

Start by opening your shortcode plugin on any page you are editing:

Step 2

Select "Marketing" from the left panel and choose "Button"

Step 3

Play around with the settings to make your button look like you want. We recommend paying attention specially to:

Text: This will be your button text

Size: Choose from the different options the one that best fits your needs

href: This is one of the most important items. You should place here the url that the button should direct to. Please note that you don't need to add the complete final url, but the placeholder. (i.e. You want to direct the button to the "Our Areas" page where the url is yourdomain.com/our-areas , the only thing you should put here is our-areas from the final url.

Step 4

Insert the shortcode!

That's it! Your shiny shortcode button should automatically match your theme's current buttons. The shortcode will look like this:

And when you save the changes and visit your page your button will look like this:

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