Your showcase admin is available for viewing your leads, saving searches and much more without needing to login to your wordpress admin.

Navigate to your Showcase Admin Page: Click here

Sign in using the admin credentials you were provided by ShowcaseIDX when you signed up for their services.

Saving A New Search

Your property search page doubles as your hotsheet creator for saved search results. Simply set any and all relavent location, type, advanced, sorting and layout options you'd like for your end results.

Be sure to Save Your Hotsheet and give it a simple name. (Don't use / _ - or other symbols)

Reviewing your shortcodes

Once you have created and saved the hotsheet of results you want to display on your site, navigate to the Hotsheets tab in your showcaseIDX admin area.

Copy to your clipboard the shortcode you want to use.

Placing Shortcodes on your Posts or Pages

Your shortcode is all you need for displaying the full results of your search on a page or post.

Navigate to Pages > Add New and select an appropriate Page Template. (recommended page template: Blank - No Container | Header, Footer)

Give your page a title, and place your shortcode in the Visual/Text Editor, and publish/save the page.

Placing Shortcodes in Cornerstone

If you have a page created in Cornerstone, you will have to place the shortcode with a different method.

Start by editing the page with Cornerstone:

First thing you'll want to do is to add a section for the hotsheet

As you create the section, you will need to add an element to it, where you will place the shortcode. Navigate to the Elements tab, and search for the Text Element.

Then drag and drop the Text Element into the Section you created previously.

You will notice a text editor will appear on the left side. Place the shortcode in the text editor and the properties should appear in a few seconds.

That's it. Don't forget to save the changes.

You may also want to optionally hide the map, or the search options from your resulting page.

Also See: Modifying your ShowcaseIDX Hotsheets

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