Connecting a CRM is a simple API based setup within your Lead Manager.  To complete a CRM connection, you will need to perform the following steps: 

  1. Obtain your API Key
  2. Save your API key in the Lead Manager
  3. Enable CRM routing in lead forms as desired. 

Get Your API Key (LionDesk)

Sign Up or Login in LionDesk account.
Go to Settings -> 3rd Party Integrations and click "Enable" for AgentFire

Liondesk will generate new API Key which can be used in your site

Get Your API Key (FollowUpBoss)

Sign Up or Login in Follow Up Boss account.
Go to Admin -> API

Copy tour API Key

Placing your API key in the Lead Manager

Login to your website and go to AF Lead Manager > Connect A CRM

Click "Add" to choose from a list of integrations

Choose your CRM and place your IDX key.  Save and publish.

Connecting External Services to Lead Forms

To enable lead routing on individual lead forms, view the following tutorial, which covers lead form notification options including Connecting External Services.

Gravity Forms Adjustments (optional)

Gravity Forms can also support lead routing of supported lead payload data.  Enabling CRM integration is available within the Settings Tab of an individual form. 

On Settings page for the forms you can find CRM Integration options:

  1. Inquiry type. By default all forms have "Inquiry" type, but you can select suitable type for the form. For example "Seller Inquiry" for the "Free Home Evaluation" form. It allows better organize inquiries in CRM
  2. Tags. You can setup comma separated tags for the form, for example you can set tag "buyer" for "Request a Buyer Guide" form. These tags will be added to the (crm) person which sent the form.
  3. Exclude. Enable this checkbox if you want to exclude the form from CRM tracking.

CRM Integration module recognized form fields by field type (email, phone, name, address) and by field label.

If want to use default text field for name, phone, etc you can force field type by adding custom CSS class:

  • crm-first-name
  • crm-last-name
  • crm-email
  • crm-phone
  • crm-message
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