The new AF editor is a powerful new way to visually construct your content and flexibly enable unique and powerful features quickly and easily.  

To get started, navigate to one of your compatible Arsenal plugins 

Click "Edit" on any existing entry to open the editor.   

Take note of your left and right side panels

Once the editor has opened, you will see a panel on your left, and the resulting content shown in real time on the right.  

At anytime you may want to collapse the left hand editing panel to view your resulting content on the page. 

Click the left arrow to view the panel collapse function. 

Alternatively, you may use the "View In New Window" button to easily open a new tab in your browser to view your resulting content entry on the page.  

Click the eye to view the result page in a new tab.  

Of course, you will want to save your work, so at anytime in your build, you may press the "save" button.  Any changes you have made will be saved and you may continue your work making changes. 

Click the checkmark to save your work as you progress. 

During development, you may want to view how your content will appear from various device sizes.  Click the monitor symbol to view the responsive page size options and select from a device size to see your layout update in real time. 

Click the monitor icon to open the responsive devices tab. 

Once you have completed any changes you want to make, use the X button to close out the editor window. 

Note the X button so you can close the editor once you have completed your changes. 

In the top left, note the tabs for the various content and features your content entry offers.  The first tab is always related to structural content on the page, like listing data, pictures, contact information, or other text and image based information relating to the display. 

Click the tabs in your entry to view where content and other features are available for customization. 

Within any tab are a series of available drop down topics.  Open one of them to view it's available settings and data options. 

Click on any dropdown in a tab to open and view it's available entry points. 

These dropdown options vary by product, and you will find detailed overviews of all subgroups within the tutorials dedicated to that plugin.  Head over to our Core Suite and Power Ups areas to view tutorials on our AgentFire tools that are powered by the AF Editor. 

Head over to Arsenal to view tutorials for my specific plugin: AgentFire Arsenal

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