Adding some of your most important search results to your site can aid in the ease of use, SEO value and conversion rates of your visitors. Do you specialize in only lower income neighborhoods? Or Condos? Or multi-million dollar mansions? Or ocean views?

These crucial lifestyle and pricing results are an easy way to add additional value to your primary navigation menus (see also Mega Menus

or add one click search results to the homepage, content pages, or even sidebars of your website.


For ShowcaseIDX customers, your site is equipped with a hotsheet and shortcode system that allows you to save and deploy new searches on any page or post. Check out our tutorials for how to add new hotsheets for just about any search criteria you need:

Adding Listing Results to A Page or Post - ShowcaseIDX

Diverse Solutions:

For DS Customers, your site is built with the IDXpages, and this area of your WordPress admin allows you to easily add new listing result pages with full filtering & sorting capabilities.

Adding Listing Results to A Page or Post - IDXpages

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