If this is your first time setting up a landing page with the Facebook button - please email [email protected] and request to have your "Facebook for Gravity Forms" plug-in activated.

Once that's done, follow the below instructions.

1) Set up Your "Form" for the Campaign

Navigate to the "Forms" section of your AgentFire site. Create a new form or edit an existing one for use in this campaign.

In order for the Facebook button to work - you can only include pieces of data that Facebook is guaranteed to have. This means that you cannot set up the form to require a phone number.

The only options you are allowed to set as "Required" are Name and Email. However, given that you are connecting to their Facebook profile - you can also set the form up to capture things like Education, Birthdate, Hometown and About. Do not set these as required. Facebook will include this information in the lead notification sent to you if things like their education/birthdate are shown in their public profile.

A) Create entry boxes (aka fields) for each piece of information you want to receive in the form

B) Within the Advanced Settings of each field in the form, make sure to check the box "Allow field to be populated from Facebook Profile" (screenshot below)

C) Save each field as the name of the respective piece of info you're gathering. IE: If you're gathering their email, name the field "Email"

D) Update the form

2) Add the "Facebook Connect for Gravity Forms" element to your landing page

3) Click to Edit the Element

A) Connect the form you set up for this campaign

B) Add your FB App ID (if you don't know this, email [email protected])

C) Ensure the button size is "large" and "include name and profile picture" is ON (these are default settings, please don't change them)

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