Your guides are cornerstone pages that have URLs which are used in calls to action throughout your site.  

Be careful when updating a guide permalink, as it will break hard coded features of any Gravity Forms notification URL, or Engage redirect url you may currently have in use.  

Your buyer and seller guides by default are typically available at the following urls:

Editing your Gravity Forms Notification URL: 

In your left panel, navigate to:
General Content > Gravity Forms > All Forms

Note: Further instructions on how to access and edit your notifications are here.

Update the link in the Client Notification to the new url you are using for your guides. 

Editing your Engage client notifications (method 1)

Typically your CTA's related to a guide will redirect on submit immediately to the url of your guide, with no email notification being sent to the end user containing the link. 

In those cases, you may simply edit the submit action within any Engage you like: 


Editing your Engage client notifications (method 2)

If you are using email notifications to send the URL to your client as a notification, then you will need to adjust the link from the notifications area of your Lead Manager.  

Look for the user notifications tab in your left panel under:
AF Lead Manager > Notification Settings

The buyer and seller guide user notification templates can be edited on this page, and the url may be updated directly in the text editor. 

To check your CTA for a notification template, open the CTA and enter the Lead Form settings. 

Click on your notification area if it says "Click here to setup". 

View the dropdown list of template sources to see which template your CTA is currently using. 


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