In order to update your Buyer/Seller Guide Covers, you will need to navigate to your admin dashboard and go to Settings>Theme Settings.

From there, you will need to click on the "Buyer and Sellers Guides" tab.

There are a few things which you can setup for both of the guides:

  • Adjusting Cover Image for White Logos (example will be provided below)
  • Select Logo
  • Set Titles (left and right side)
  • Description
  • Set Cover Image

Most of the text is left at its initial state, but you can freely change any of the mentioned above. Now lets focus on the other assets that can be updated.

Key Features Breakdown

White Logo

The first and foremost option is labeled "White Logo?" with the option of YES and NO.

If you select NO (default):

  • The cover image will have space above for the logo where it is usually placed (see example below)

If you select YES:

-The cover image will extend to the top of the book, so that White Logos can be seen.

Broker Logo

You can set your logo by clicking on the X button to remove the placeholder logo, and selecting yours from media library or upload a new one.

Click here to remove:

As you remove it, an Add Image button will appear. Click on it and select your logo.

Cover Image

Same principle as for the Logo swapping above:

Click on the X button to remove the placeholder image

As you do that, an Add Image button will appear which will prompt the media library window after clicking on it.

After you are comfortable with all your changes, don't forget to scroll up and click on the Update button to save the changes.

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