To add this block, navigate to Add a New Block, and in the categories, select Brag.

There are a few styles you can choose from, each having their unique features.

Brag Style 1

This style is split into 3 tabs:


For background, you can place an image, or a solid color.


For the Title section, you can add a Title, Sub Title, and adjust their size and colors.

Image Carousel

Here you can add images which will be in a Carousel.


Brag Style 2

The block is split into 3 tabs:


You can add an image, or a solid color as a background.


For content you can include up to 4 Items you want to feature.

Note: The content will align according to the number of items. The items that are left blank will not take up empty space.

Content Settings

You can adjust the colors for the Text and the labels for the items you included here.


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