What are Layouts?

Layouts are pre-designed series of Blocks that can save your time building out a page (or homepage), or just adding content faster to an existing page.
The procedure of further customization of these blocks inside a Layout is the same as for any other Block you encountered in previous occasions.

Where to find/add Layouts

In the Spark Editor, click on the Add New Block button, and on the top of the screen you will see a Layouts tab. Clicking there will show you the avialble pre-designed Layouts that you can add to the page.

You will also notice some categories that you can filter in order to find the desired layout in an easier fashion.

How to use Layouts

Let's take a Guide Layout (Buyers guide)

As you add the block with a click of the button, it will add Header, Content, and a Buyer Guide Form all together, which saves a lot of time.

With a few finishing touches to a layout, you can have your page ready within minutes.

Example of a Guide Layout (with some additional editing):

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