To get started, go into your admin dashboard, navigate to General Content > Menus > Footers.

Once you selected Footers, you will see the existing footers which you can edit by clicking on the Edit button. (By default you will have a Light and a Main Footer)

Once you are in the Menu Editor, you will notice 3 tabs on the left side which are:

  • Content
  • Color
  • Target


This tab allows you to place your content in your footer via Blocks.

Available Blocks:

  • Columned Navigation
  • Simple Navigation
  • Logo
  • Social Icons
  • Text

Customizing each block is fairly unique, but mostly every block has Alignment in common which allows you to control the alignment of you content to left, right or center.

Example Block Options

As any other block that is your site built of, it has it's own unique options which can be adjusted when you add one of these.

Let's take the Logo Block as an example:

  • Choose the logo file (image)
  • Insert a hyperlink (URL)
  • Choose alignment (Left, Right, Center)


There are a few color options you can choose from:

Note: Primary Color pulls the main color you choose for the website beforehand.


Page Level Targeting works the same as for Spark Header, so in case you missed that article, you can read it here.

Once you are happy with the changes you made to your header, click on the check mark button to save all your changes, and lastly the X button to exit the Header Editor.

Further Education about the Spark Header & Footer Editor:

  1. Spark Header - Introduction to basics
  2. Spark Header - Custom Headers and Page Level Targeting
  3. Choosing Default Headers & Footers

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