This tutorial is for if you want to use the Custom IDX URL option within our Area Content system to define the IDX criteria for those pages.

A good example of doing this would be if you had created custom searches in your Diverse Solutions control panel, and wanted those same results to show on your city and neighborhood pages. There are two ways to do this, here's the easiest way


1) Login to your Diverse Solutions control panel and navigate to IDX Products > Links to view links you've created

2) You should see a list of links you've created, as long as you have created links

3) To create a custom IDX URL, you'll need to do the following. The basic format is


So using the above image as example, to create a Custom IDX URL for the 'Beach and Sunset Parks, link, we would do the following

So in the above example, the URL would be


That's it! Go ahead and paste the URL you created into the 'custom IDX URL' field for the City or Neighborhood page you're working on and it should work. Save the page and view it afterwards to confirm that it worked.

Optionally, you can verify that the IDX link works by first copy and pasting it after your domain name to verify the results, for example:

This should load the results you defined in your link.

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