"Use Map in Header" option now includes an additional option to Use that map as the featured image.

How to activate this feature

To achieve this, navigate to AgentFire Arsenal> Area Guides> click on All Cities or
All Neighborhoods.

Select the City/Neighborhood you want to edit by clicking on the Edit button.

Under Header Options, select Use Map if it's not selected yet.

As you select the Use Map option, you will notice another option will appear right under "Use Map as Featured Image". Make sure "Yes" is selected, and press Update to save the changes.

The image will be automatically attached as a featured image with map boundaries.

NOTE: As you add/remove any areas in the Demographics section of the page, it will also update the map. 

Where do these changes reflect

These changes will reflect on your area overview page with polyline boundaries.
(usually yourdomain.com/our-areas/)

It will also on any grids, sliders or shortcodes you may want to use on your homepage or other pages.

Grid example

Sidebar slider example

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