First and foremost, it's important that you understand the key difference here is regarding their hierarchy. City pages are considered a top level, whereas Neighborhood pages are considered a second level.

Here is a visual representation of the hierarchy:

Perhaps this hierarchy is best demonstrated via the Our Areas page of your website (normally located at

As you add Neighborhood pages to your website, you need to make sure that you are configuring the Parent City module on those pages to configure the appropriate city (more on that in our Adding a Neighborhood Page article)

Using the above image as an example, let's take a look at the Long Beach Parent City page, and the neighborhood pages that are 'attached' to it. The first neighborhood page under Long Beach is Alamitos Beach. 

When editing a Neighborhood page, you'll see a 'Parent City' module. Always make sure that this is configured properly, otherwise the Neighborhood page will not be displayed. In keeping with the first example, if we look at the  Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Page, we will see that the parent city is configured for Long Beach.

Furthermore, you can specify what kind of areas are these "Neighborhoods" (Second level areas)

This option can be handy when you want to setup for example Counties as "First level areas" and you want to have Cities as "Second level areas".

So Where Are These Changes Reflected?

So when you properly configure a Neighborhood Page (second level) to it's correct City Page (top level), a few things happen:

1.On the City Page, you'll see a drop-down with a list of all the Neighborhoods that have been 'configured' to that City.

2. As was already shown very early in this article, your Our Areas page, which shows all of your City Pages (top level) and Neighborhood Pages (second level), will be updated 

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