The ConvertPages plugin takes all the complexity out of creating beautiful splash page templates.  Use page layouts like these to encourage visitors to sign up to receive your value added offerings.  ConvertPage visitors on specialty home searches, available guide downloads, and millions of other ideas you have for sign up based offerings.  

To access ConvertPages: 

In your left menu bar, navigate to: AF Arsenal > ConvertPages > All ConvertPages

Adding a new ConvertPage:

Click on the large blue plus button to select from a variety of page templates and types. 

Choosing your ConvertPage template:

In the modal window that opens, click the Use This Layout button to select that CTA for use. 

Create a title for your ConvertPage:

This will determine the URL of the page dynamically.  You may title these however you prefer, but we recommend using Yoast's recommendations for URL structure. 

View your page settings: 

Click the Gear Wheel to open and view the available page settings.  

Editing your Page Settings: 

Here you can control who this ConvertPage corresponds to for lead assignment with your Team Members plugin.  You may also edit SEO titles and descriptions, as well as Facebook Sharing Titles and Description.  

Editing the ConvertPage Contents: 

Click the large blue Edit Button to load the page in the editor.  

When the editor opens, you'll see the AF Editor panel with your available Design and Lead Form tabs.  

To learn more about basics of the AF Editor, visit our introductory tutorial to this product. 

To View Comprehensive tutorials on each ConvertPage type, choose from the following available tutorials: 

  1. ConvertPages: Layout #1
  2. ConvertPages: Layout #2
  3. ConvertPages: Layout #3
  4. ConvertPages: Layout #4
  5. ConvertPages: Open House ConvertPage
  6. ConvertPages: Thank You Page

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