AgentFire IDX: Set up Listing Alerts for Clients

In this article, you will learn how to set up listing alerts on your AgentFire IDX.

Setting up listing alerts through AgentFire IDX is a quick task to do, however first we must make sure that the client has signed up and created an account with AFIDX.

Sign up for AFIDX

Clients can sign up for AFIX in three different ways:

a. Click the sign in/ sign up button on the header:

b. Make a search on the /properties/ page:

c. Save a listing that they're interested in:

All the above actions will prompt new leads to create an account:

Note: if you already captured the lead's information and you have their approval, you can go ahead and create an account for them following any of the above to be able to send them listing alerts. 

Now that your new lead has created an account or you have created an account for them, head to the Lead Manager. If you have a CRM connected, then you can access it on your Dashboard - Burger Menu - Lead Manager - View All Leads:

Or access the shortcut link if you haven't connected a CRM yet:

Click on any lead and you should see three tabs on their profile: Activity, Submission, and Properties. Click on the Properties tab:

Over here you'll be able to see what searches the client has made, the listings they have saved and listings that they have looked on your site:

Now to set up listing alerts click on the Add Custom Alert button:

Over there you can create a new listing alert:

1. You can give it a custom name.

2. You can set a frequency ASAP (as soon as a new listing arrives on the search criteria), Daily (with the ability choose multiple days of the week), and Weekly (on a specific day of the week).

3. You can choose to choose from the Saved Searches that you made (as shown above) or create a custom search, it will trigger the same filter window when creating a search on the /properties/ page:

4. Click on Add This Alert.

And you're set! That's how you create a listing alert for your clients. If you still have further questions on this topic, you're welcome to email our support staff at