Blog Assist: How to Add New Feed Sources to Blog Assist

By now, you've probably started to get the hang of the whole blogging thing and want to add more RSS feed sources to your Blog Assist.

So before anything else, the first thing that needs to be done is to determine whether or not an RSS feed exists for the website that you have in mind.

There are two common ways to do this:

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- Look for an RSS feed icon on the site which can be usually be found on the home page as shown below.

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- Once located, clicking on the icon will usually take you to the feed's page where you can obtain the URL or feed source from the address bar.

B. The HTML Source of the page

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- How you view it in your web browser will differ, but in most browsers, right click on your mouse then click View Page Source or press Ctrl + U.- Once the window appears with the HTML for your page, use the "Find" feature (typically Ctrl-F on a PC, Command-F on a Mac) and search for RSS (without the quotes). - It will take you to a line which reads something like:

NOTE: Now if you're unable to find the RSS feed via either of these methods, it means that there is no RSS feed available for the website unfortunately.

Now that you have the RSS feed URL handy, it's time to get them added to your Blog Assist.

1. Go to Blog Assist > Add New Feed Source

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2. Name the feed and insert the URL of the RSS feed in the boxes provided

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3. Click Add feed to use this source in your blog assist posts. 

Creating a new post with Blog assist: 

Navigate to General Content > Blog Assist > Add New Blog Post

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Choose from any topic or title and click the links to read the article contents.  If you want to blog about this topic, simply click Blog About this.   A new blog post will automatically be opened.  Add a properly formatted backlink to the article's original location for proper search engine consumption.  

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In your own words, add any new insight, commentary or overview of the article contents to the page, and publish the results.  Congratulations! You've added original content quickly and easily!