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Each time you need to know the price of any of our services, please reference to this list and look for the item you need.

If there's anything aside what's included here or you are not sure about a price or service category, please do not hesitate to reach out the team to confirm.

Hourly Rates

General Labour – $35/hr

This would apply to basic content adjustments, the setup of area pages, migrating blog posts from an old site, and general 'data entry' type tasks that are mostly characterized by copy/paste style work.

Custom Design - $100/hr

This is our general ‘design’ rate that includes custom design work on existing pages.

Custom Page Design - $200 flat rate + up

This service includes new custom page creations done by our designers. Most interior pages will fall under the default flat rate, and for more complex designs, we may be required to quote extra.

Cost for Commonly Requested Tasks

IDX Switch – $100-$150

If your site has a large number of area pages we'll need to quote extra. If you need saved searches recreated in a new IDX, our Data Entry rate will apply.

Additional Storage Space – $5/mo per additional GB of space

Sites come default with 1GB of storage space

Domain Name Change – $100

Site Re-Brand – $100 - $200

Change Logo (on header and CTA's) & Colors.

301 Redirects: Subject to Data Entry labor rate (above)

Additional Area Pages – $5/ea.

The site comes with 25 pages.

Additional Form – $50

Website reactivation – $125/hr

Usually 2-5 hrs depending on the website.

Priority Fee — $200-$500

For any immediately required work outside of the selected package, including but not limited to custom "under construction" page, prioritized queue etc.

Cloudflare API Token setup - $100


You can click the following to visit these add-on pages to view costs and for more information

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