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Are your IDX solutions 'iframed' into the site?
Are your IDX solutions 'iframed' into the site?
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We currently support 2 different 3rd party IDX integrations:

All of our available IDX options are 'integrated' into the site and not 'iframed' so that in all cases you are getting the SEO benefit!

Diverse Solutions does offer an iframe based mapping solution, however, both Wordpress plugin and Mapping IDX are sold separately. Either can be used independently. See the comparison guide for more information.

When we setup a site that chooses to have the Diverse Solutions WordPress plugin (dsIDXpress) and the Mapping IDX (dsSearchAgent), we use the WordPress plugin anywhere that SEO is important (like within our area content system) and then the Mapping IDX is shown in the menu for end users.

Learn more about our platform in our tour!

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