There are generally 2 ways to show Sold properties on a website, either through the IDX (automatic) or through the AgentFire Listings™ plugin (manual - described in the second section of this article)

Sold Properties Through IDX

This question will always depend on one of two things

  1. Whether 'sold listings' are available through your MLS

  2. Which of our IDX options you are using

ShowcaseIDX does not provide sold listings yet

Our other option (Diverse Solutions) supports sold listings with most MLS boards, however, in all cases, you should contact the specific IDX solution to confirm that they are available for the specific IDX.

To contact Diverse Solutions, email [email protected]

Sold Properties Through AgentFire Listings™ Plugin

Many agents actually prefer to use the AgentFire listings plugin to showcase their personal properties (active and sold) as it has a few benefits over IDX

  1. More Personalized - Because these are your own listings, you can add additional photos, videos, description etc that you may be limited by through your MLS

  2. Better Presentation - Continuing the first point, most MLS's will limit image upload size and force your listings into an overall 'lower' quality presentation - our AgentFire Listings™ plugin is beautiful and much better for featuring your personal listings.

  3. Sold Properties - Even within an MLS, sold properties usually have a certain amount of time before they are removed from the MLS after switching to sold status (depends on the MLS, could be 6 months, could be a few years) - if you use our listings plugin to manually add your listings, like diamonds, they will last forever... or until you delete them.

To feature sold properties on your site using the AgentFire Listings™ plugin, all we need to do is to create a 'sold listings' page and insert a 'shortcode' onto that page that says 'only show listings from the AgentFire listings plugin that have been categorized as sold'

Then whenever you change the status on a listing to 'sold', it will automatically be shown on the sold listings page of your website :)

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