Do you host emails?

We do not provide email hosting.

If you are looking to setup company emails ( we recommend first contacting your domain registrar for assistance and recommendations (your registrar is where you purchased your domain name, i.e. GoDaddy,, etc.)

When you sign up with AgentFire, once your website is made live (meaning development on your site has completed and you've indicated you're ready to be seen, this is when we go from to, before pointing your domain Nameservers to the AgentFire Nameservers, we'll check your DNS zone file to see if there are any records that need to be moved over to ensure no disruption in your email service.

This is part of the 'live site process' that we maintain here at AgentFire.

Common Example: GoDaddy is your registrar and you are using GSuite (formerly Google Apps) or Office365 for email. When we go to make your site live, we'll see that you have DNS records for GoogleApps or Outlook365 and we'll copy them over to our end, so that when we point your Nameservers there won't be any disruption in your email service.

Most Popular Email Hosts:

  1. GSuite (formerly GoogleApps): This is what we use here for our '' email addresses - setup is easy and cost per user is relatively low.