AgentFire has 3 calculators that are available to use within pages and posts. To insert a calculator, simply choose one of the following and copy and paste the shortcode required into the location you'd want to feature that calculator in

Home Sale Proceeds Calculator= [af-homesaleproceedscalc]

Simple Home Sale Proceeds Calculator= [af-homesaleproceedscalc-easy]

Mortage Calculator / Loan Calculator = [af-mortgageloancalc]

The rebate calculator comes with a $200 one-time setup fee, with all the configuration and customizations available.

Buyer or Seller Rebate calculator

  1. Log into your website dashboard
  2. Access the "All calculators" tab under the "Calculators" label, and select the calculator already made to edit it

3. In the first tab, you will find the tax values, and as you change them, the calculator will work with the formula you type in in the values

4. In the second tab, you will find the settings for the text, which will show up in the front-end

5. The next tab is for the color settings. They are labeled by element as they will show up in the front-end.

Hit the update button after you finish the changes.

Once everything is setup, you can head to the page you want the calculator to appear in. Click "Edit with Cornerstone" in the top menu.

Search for the "AgentFire Calculator" element and insert it in the page.

Select the calculator and save the changes.

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