I pasted some code into my site, why isn't it working?

Code comes in many forms. Not all of it is safe.

For that reason, some types of code are limited in where they can be placed, and who can place them.

If you are trying to paste text content from another source into your WordPress editor, be sure to use "Paste Without Formatting" or CTRL + SHIFT + V to place your text.


If your code involves javascript in any way, be sure to reach out to our support center in a new ticket or by emailing support@agentfire.com. We're happy to help ensure your code is placed properly on the page for you. This includes Facebook, Google and other scripts necessary for tracking advertising conversions.


You are not able to copy and paste javascript or iframes directly into your website. If you absolutely need something of this nature placed into your site, please contact support@agentfire.com.