There are tree new tags which you can use now in Gravity Forms :

- {client_name} – client name
 - {client_area} – client area
 - {client_phone} – client phone

This tags remove your need to copy/paste different contact information inside gravity forms as everything will be pulled from different places.

Where is the information coming from?

Firstly, as it was decided to have centralized user contact information on one place, user profiles have been updated. They now optionally can hold additional information, including information for these three tags above.

1) User Profile

This is the first place the new tags will look for information. It's important to note that the checkbox Primary have to be checked, if we want the information to be pulled from here (and if needed field is not blank)

2) Contact Widget

Second place and currently default is contact widget in widgets section (if there is active one)

Examples where this can be useful:

- you have one phone which is publicly visible in site footer, but you want to be contacted on different phone from emails. In this case just open user profile, mark it as primary ( only one user profile in single domain can be primary ) and input in "office phone" the new phone which will be used in emails;

- in case there is no active contact widget in widgets section, you can use user profile instead;

- in future we can allow users to input their contact information directly to their user accounts and everything will be pulled from there.

Example how new tags work:

{client_phone} – looking for client profile marked with primary checkbox and if “office phone” is not blank. If its blank it searches for active contact widget and pulls information from there. If both places are blank, returns blank.

Old seller/buyer gravity forms template

New seller/buyer gravity forms template

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