Adding images is easy, but understanding some of the language and lingo used to set it's appearance on the page can be a bit frustrating at times. Below we will learn the proper use of floats in an image.

Step 1

Start by opening an editing page for any post or page you wish to add an image to. Click the Add Media button to bring up your media library.

Step 2

Once you have selected the media library item you wish to input, whether by uploading a new image to the library or by selecting existing content, you will need to input it on to the page. To adjust how the image will display on the site, go to the right panel to set it up.

Step 3

Insert into the post

Keep in mind

Each setting available will alter the way in which the image behaves on the page.

SELECTING LEFT: Will float the image on the left hand side, and wrap all content around it.

SELECTING CENTER: Will float the image in the center, and wrap the content around both sides.

SELECTING RIGHT: Will float the image on the right hand side, and wrap all content around it.

SELECTING NONE: Will place the image in the center of the page and will push all other content below it.

The setting area also allows you to select from some standard "re-sizing" options as well, which can help ensure that the image displays at the right size on the page, leaving room for text if that is necessary.

All set

Once you have input your media, and selected an alignment - your image will display on the page. It should look something like this! (ex: floated right - thumbnail size)

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