The Home Valuation plugin offers more than just a primary page for your valuation tool.  There is also a variety of shortcode options available for displaying your valuation service just about anywhere on your site, including in sidebars, blog posts, page content or in custom sections of your Cornerstone constructed pages!

To use Home Valuation Anywhere: 

Just insert [home_valuation] shortcode to the page content.

Optional Shortcode Parameters

layout – shortcode layout.
Available values: fullscreen, integrated, shortcode
Default value: fullscreen

skin – skin name for the shortcode.
Available values: default, light, dark
Default value: Skin option from plugin settings

background_image – url of the image file.
Available values: url
Default value: Full screen background image option from plugin settings

title – title for the shortcode
Available values: any text
Default value: Title text option from plugin settings

text – text for the shortcode
Available values: any text
Default value: empty

Examples of shortcode use: 

Fullscreen home valuation form with dark skin and with background from plugin settings
[home_valuation layout="fullscreen" skin="dark"]

Integrated form with light skin and custom background image
[home_valuation layout="integrated" skin="light" background_image=""]

Shortcode form without text and title
[home_valuation layout="shortcode" skin="default" title="" text=""]

Further Education: 

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