In this tutorial we will be going over how to automatically import listings from Showcase IDX into AF Listings 2.0. Lets dive in!

Importing A Listing

To import a listing you will first need to grab its MLS #. Once you have that, navigate to:
AgentFire Tools > Listing Showcase > Import Listing.

Click on the import tab. From there you can input the desired MLS # and hit import.

You will be notified once the import has been completed and that listing will be now present in your all listings tab of AF Listings.

Adjusting The Listing

Now when importing listings it saves you a tonne of time entering in content and uploading photos. However, the listings may not always appear 100% to your liking. I always suggest going in and adjusting any settings to better match your preferences. This could be things like the property title, layout, categories etc.

You may also want to adjust some of the content & layout. To do so please visit the following tutorials that outline how to manage a listing!


Creating your listing and adjusting the settings (part one of two)

Creating your listing and adjusting the settings (part two of two)

Learn More about Each Section Type and It's available options in below. 

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