Our new Open House extension is a great tool that will help you capture high quality leads directly on your listing pages. Lets dive in!

How to feature an open house on your listings!

The first thing you will want to do is navigate to an existing listing which you are having an open house for.

Once inside the listing manager, navigate down to the open house extension and click on the checkbox to enable.

After the open house feature is enabled you will see there are (2) features you can set up for your listing. Lets first go over the open house notification feature.

Fill out the fields to set up an amazing open house modal. Indicate content such as date, time, address and description. You can also set the modal to open up automatically after a timed delay and even customize the colors to better suite your brand!

Once your open house modal is created, you will also notice that we have a great new open house call to action added to your section design options.

Add this predesigned section anywhere in your layout to help direct more traffic to your open house modal. Easily change text, button and colors to best reflect your listing's page design.

Your completed open house section will appear as a highlighted strip with a button link to view the open house details you entered into the Open House module. 

Enabling open house registrations:

The second feature of our new open house extension is the ability to capture crucial lead information from those who actually attend your open house. Within your open house settings you will see a second feature labelled Registration.

Here you will be able to easily add in a background image, logo, a title and description to customize this lead capture tool to suite your open house perfectly. You can even select which data you would like to capture on that particular registration form.

Control Signup Steps for End users: 

For visitors using your open house registration, you may control what questions and steps they are required to take during the sign in process.  

Question options include: 

  1. Registration Form (Name, Email, Phone)

  2. How did you find our open house (advertising sources)

  3. Do you currently have an agent? (Yes/No)

  4. What is your goal? (buy/rent/now/later)

Registration Form: 

How did you find our open house? 

Do you currently have an agent? 

What is your goal? 

Sending Email Notifications: 

You may also send notifications about an upcoming open house to registrants who would like to receive alerts.  

Merge variables are available to tailor your notification text as needed. 

You may also customize the notification settings to deliever this notification multiple times to the user prior to the open house.

You may add or remove notifications as needed.  

Displaying the Open House in Full Screen: 

The day of your open house, you may continue to use this registation page for your visitors.  Simply refresh the page after each user completes a signup.  

Add your full screen open house module to your listing by adding /r/ to the url. 

Example: https://demo.agentfire.com/122-agentfire-blvd-1-listing-page-v1/r/

To best showcase this registration landing page at your open house, we recommend using a tablet and placing it near the entrance of your open house.

In Conclusion

Within a few minutes you can have amazing open house tools set up on any of your active listings. These tools do a great job at capturing high quality leads from those that are actively interested in that property.


Creating your listing and adjusting the settings (part one of two)

Creating your listing and adjusting the settings (part two of two)

Learn More about Each Section Type and It's available options in below. 

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