You can manually add or edit testimonials at any time you want to. This article describes the process for doing so.

Adding a New Testimonial

Navigate to "Agentfire Tools" from your website sidebar, navigate to Testimonials, and simply click Add New.

Editing an Existing Testimonial

Navigate to "Agentfire Testimonials" from your website sidebar to Edit an existing Testimonial.

The panel on the right will show all the testimonials entries. Find the one you want to edit and click 'Edit'.

When editing or adding a testimonial, make sure to fill out the following:

  1. Title: It should be a single line from the Testimonial like 'Was Great to Work With' or 'Sold our Home in 3 Days'.

  2. Testimonial: Write or paste the full testimonial into the editor here.

  3. Client's details: Write the client's name and location.

  4. Categories: Select an appropriate category if any (seller, buyer, etc).

  5. Featured image: If you have a picture to join the testimonial, add it here.

Publish / Update

Make sure to click "Publish" or "Update" depending on the case.

The testimonial has been published or updated on your site. Follow this same instructions for doing this process at any given time. You're all set. Well done!

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