ShowcaseIDX to Liondesk CRM Integration
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Leads that are generated in your ShowcaseIDX platform can be routed directly to powerful CRM's for nurturing and follow up. Below is the instructions needed for integrating your IDX platform directly to the Liondesk CRM API.

Video Instructions:

Step By Step Walkthrough:

Before you begin:

  1. Make sure you have an ACTIVE ACCOUNT with Liondesk.

  2. Make sure ALL OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS (Anyone who might receive leads via the Showcase lead routing) are available in Liondesk -> if they aren't in the CRM and you attempt to route them a lead, it will fail and not be added.

  3. For Premium integrations (everything except Zapier) you must be on a current Showcase PREMIUM plan

To Setup your CRM Integration:

  1. Open your browser and login to your Liondesk account.

  2. In a NEW TAB -> open your Showcase IDX Agent Admin ( You should now have 2 tabs open, one with your CRM and the other with Showcase IDX Admin Page.

  3. Once you are logged into your Liondesk account dashboard, click SETTINGS

  4. Scroll down until you find SHOWCASE IDX

  5. Next, click the "ENABLE" button next to Showcase IDX to see the API key.

  6. Copy the key exactly as shown (NO SPACES).

  7. Once the key is copied, now go to your Showcase IDX Admin tab in the browser.

  8. Click into the new INTEGRATIONS tab at the top of the main screen in the Admin page.


  10. Scroll down until you see the CRM you are trying to integrate with (in this case Liondesk) -> Click the ADD button on the far right.

  11. In the new screen, add your appropriate API key.

  12. Give your integration a name (Like Dan's Liondesk Account, etc)

Choose the ACCESS LEVEL of the integration from the following:

ACCOUNT - This will handle all leads across the account, including all websites and users in an account. This is best if you are the sole agent or if you are the Lead Agent who disperses all leads manually.

WEBSITE - This will allow you to choose a single website from your team to link to this integration. Useful for small teams that want each site to be handled independently.

USER - This will only route USER SPECIFIC leads to the integration. This is best if you have multiple agents who handle leads and they each have their own CRM account.

Choose which lead action info you want sent to your CRM. For Liondesk, the following are available:

  • Messages

  •  Saved Listings

  •  New Leads (Registrations)

  •  Viewed Listings

  •  Subscribed Searches

Click SAVE and you are ready to go!

The process is automatic and your new lead info should begin routing immediately!


If the API key given is invalid, you will not be able to save your integration. Look for the red "x" above the API key input box.

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