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One of our primary goals is to ensure you are always working on the most productive ways to bring new business through your website. Scratching your head at why a plugin isn't working properly is not how we want you spending your day. Site backups, plugin conflicts, and website stability and more are an area of website development we believe you shouldn't have to worry about.

AgentFire proudly uses WordPress for it's end user experience, and in portions of it's architecture to make 3rd party plugins available as part of your website. One of the biggest benefits of WordPress is it's ease of use, flexibility and powerful capabilities.

To ensure your site is always offering end users the best possible experience, our teams personally review, vet and test all plugins used on the network, and when necessary communicate with these 3rd parties to resolve errors or conflicts on your behalf. Any plugin we activate we provide full troubleshooting and communication access to resolve issues through our support center. 

Unfortunately, not all plugins are created equal. One of the biggest challenges with WordPress plugins are conflicts with one another. Conflicts between plugins are distinctly problematic because they can be both difficult to locate and resolve, and often 3rd party plugin developers are slow to fix problems that arise as a result of a separate product.

It's for this reason that we do not allow plugins to be uploaded directly, and all requests for plugin additions must be sent to [email protected]

We may consider your request, and/or provide clarification on why it cannot be added. In many cases we support a similar or like-kind product that can be used instead.

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