Why Delegate Access to our team? 

In a word, we don't want to have your logins and passwords.  In most cases, you'll find a live transfer much simpler if we have access to your registrar login to make changes to the settings on your behalf, and we can do so safely without compromising your account security or your payment methods.  

If your registrar is NOT Godaddy:

You may want to reach out to your registrar to inquire about delegating access to a webmaster.

You may alternatively send your login/pw details to [email protected] and we'll take care of any changes needed for you.

Delegating Access to AgentFire through your Godaddy.com  account. 

Log Into your GoDaddy Account by visiting Godaddy.com

Once you have logged in, navigate to 'Account Settings'

Step2: Click the 'Delegate Access' Button

Step 3: Click 'Grant Access'

Step 4: Grant access to '[email protected]'

Step 6: Click 'Invite' and you're done!

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