How to delegate access using GoDaddy

How to give AgentFire access to your GoDaddy account easily without compromising your login or password.

Why delegate access to our team? 

To transfer your AgentFire website to your domain, we must change your domain's NS records.

GoDaddy has a two-factor login authentication, which does not allow anyone else without your cellphone to access your account, even with your credentials. You’ll find that a transfer would be much more simple if you or your team delegates access to your account. This would allow the process of making changes to your DNS records safe and will not compromise your account security.

Delegating access to Agentfire through your GoDaddy account. 

Once you have logged in to your account, navigate to My Products


Expand Account Settings and select Delegate Access


Select Invite to Access



Fill in Name as AgentFire and email as for Products & Domains,

select Invite and you're all set.