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The Yoast / IDXPress plugin that we've developed allows you to create SEO friendly XML sitemap locations within your sitemap

*Note- Because this plugin will create thousands of new locations within your sitemap, we do not recommend activating this plugin on sites that do not have a substantial amount of unique content. To have this plugin activated please submit a ticket to '[email protected]'

Setup and Installation

After the plugin has been activated on your site, you will need to review and make the following adjustments.

You can access it from the Yoast IDXPress dashboard item

SEO Breadcrumbs

This is an experimental feature - if you are from an MLS that is in multiple states, make sure to leave this feature DISABLED


The settings on each of the tabs (Cities, Zip codes, etc) are already optimized- do not make adjustments to these unless you know what you're doing!

Enabling / Disabling General Areas

If you want to disable all sitemap entries for any of the top level selectors ('Cities, Zip Codes, Tracts etc), click on the tab in question and make sure to click No for the 'Enabled' option

Fine-Tuning your Areas

After we've activated the plugin, all of the top level tabs are enabled, and unless you want to disable them for some reason, you'll want to click the Items List option for each, and deselect checkboxes for any areas you don't want indexed

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