If you're reading this article, that means you want to set up a "What's my Home Worth?" Facebook ad using your Automatic Home Valuation Tool.

We are including all the information you need to build your ad campaign below. Remember, you need your Automatic Home Valuation tool activated on your AgentFire site. If you haven't done so - you can read more about that here.

1) The Ad Image

Your ad image is the first important piece of the puzzle. You need something that is going to catch your prospect's eyes, and entice them to click on your ad.

We have found that overly polished, stock photos don't work very well. More amateurish (but still high quality) pictures perform better overall. For this reason, picking a photo from your MLS or using your own photos for the ad are good ideas.

Using a banner on your picture is also worth testing. Examples below.

P.S - we use Canva to create our images - it's a super simple software which will allow you to create great images in a short amount of time.

2) The Ad Copy

When writing your ad, you want to ensure a few things.

A) Communicate a value proposition

B) Make your message clear

C) Reference home values in your area if possible

D) Include a strong call to action

Make sure it's super easy for people to understand exactly what you're offering, immediately. Shorten your ad as much as possible while maintaining the important bits - a clear explanation of what they're getting, why they would want to opt-in, and a call-to-action that urges them to click.

Using your specific area in the ad copy is also important to make the ad more targeted.

3) Facebook Targeting

Here's where you set up the audience of people you want to advertise to; Either by using the "Boost Post" feature or within the Ads Manager. Below is an example of how we would normally set up the ad.

  1. Target Areas: By city/town/zip code

  2. Age: 30 years old+

  3. Demographic: Household Income - Top 10% of Zip codes

  4. Automatic Placements

Of course, you may want to change the age, or household income to reflect your specific market and knowledge therein. This is just a guideline and what we use as a jump off point for most of our ad campaigns.

4) Creating a More Specific Ad

If we're using a traditional home in the ad image and the word "home" in the ad copy, we want to make sure it's targeted and relevant to the audience.

If you'd like, you can also set up a "What's my Condo Worth?" ad - simply changing around the verbiage to speak to condo owners.

5) Facebook Exclusions

Remember to also exclude anyone with a job title that is real estate related. This way, you're not showing your ad to local competitors.

If you require any assistance in setting this Home Valuation ad campaign up, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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