A step by step guide for providing access to marketing platforms.

The marketing platforms covered below:

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Ad Center
  • Google Adwords 
  • Google Analytics 

Facebook Page Access

To Give us access to your Facebook page, simply login to your Facebook account and follow the steps outlined below.

1. Navigate to your page in the top right section

2. Click Settings

3. Go to Page Roles, locate our request and hit Respond to Request

4. There are 2 instances of approval that you will have to confirm for us - they are represented below

5. Done! Let us know that you have completed this in the main communication thread.

Facebook Ads Account Access

In order to get access to your Facebook Ads account, we first need you to give us your Account ID

1. Login to here with your Facebook credentials, hit ribbon next to Ads Manager, then go All Tools ( if applicable) then Ad Account Settings

2. Here you can see your Account ID marked in red. Make sure to copy that and send it to us.

3. Once you send us this, we will request access to your account.

IMPORTANT - There is a 24h window between us requesting and you being able to approve us access to your account, so it is best to act on this as soon as we notify you we requested the access.

On the same page from the previous screenshot, select Account Roles and you should be able to see our request pending

4. Click Respond to Request and grant us access

5. Done! Let us know that you have completed this in the main communication thread.

Google Adwords Access

To give us access to your Google Adwords account, we will need your "Customer ID"

1. Login here and locate "Customer ID" on the top right above your email address

2. Copy/paste this and send us in the main communication thread

3. One we request access based on your "Customer ID", get back in your Adwords account and click the gear icon and select Account Settings

4. From there you should be able to our request pending

Hit Accept request and confirm our access

Google Analytics Access

To give us access to your Google Analytics, simply login here and follow the steps outlined below

1. From the Google Analytics homepage, locate Admin in the bottom left

2. Locate and click User Management

3. Proceed to add the following users while making sure all checkboxes are selected as in the image below:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

4. Done!

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