Merge tags are a short hand way to place and reference a larger template of information.  

Below we'll explore the most common way you may want to use merge tags within your notifications. 

First, navigate to your notifications center to view your sending options.  Instructions available here.

Your email signature as a merge tag: 

Every email response you send visitors should include your signature.  You will first want to confirm that your Email Signature contains all of the information you would like to include in other notifications.  

Navigate to the Sending Options tab, and look for the signature section with the visual editor.

Using this signature:
Tab over to User notifications, and you will be able to view, edit and create new notifications for use with your ConvertPages, and Engage products.  Each notification has an editable template, and your signature can be optionally included in the body of the response.  

To add your signature, use this merge tag:
{{ signature }} 

Anywhere that the above bracketed title appears in this format, the signature will automatically be included in the output.  

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