The AF Engage plugin makes it easy to create professional looking slide ins, popup modals, and more.  Easily create new entries from a variety of templates, choose your page targeting and control lead form behavior with just a few clicks! 

To access Engage: 

In your left menu bar, navigate to: Dashboard > Site Tools > Engage > All CTA's

You can also select the Site Tools menu and select Engage from the slider.

Adding A New Engage CTA: 

Click on the large blue plus button to select from a variety of CTA templates and types. 

Choosing your CTA:

In the modal window that opens, click to select that CTA for use. 

Titling your CTA: 

When selecting a new CTA, Give your CTA a new name. If you're not happy with your new name or just want to rename it, select the CTA title to make internal adjustments as needed for organizing and keeping track of your various calls to action. 

Routing leads to an agent on your CTA: 

Click on the Actions button to adjust your CTA settings. Click Assign Agent to connect an agent. 

Select the agent from the list shown, and click Assign.

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