The new AF Team Members plugin offers a variety of new and useful features.  It's easy to edit contact options, and beautiful layouts will ensure every team member looks like an absolute expert.  

Prior to setting up your first Team Member profile, we recommend first getting acquainted with the Spark Editor.

To access your Team Member Plugin:

 In your left menu bar, navigate to: Site Tools > Team Members > All Team Members

Adding A New Team Member Entry: 

Press the plus symbol at the top of the page to begin a new team member entry. 

Give your Team Member entry a title (usually the Agent or Employee's name)

Your new team member entry will now be shown in the list. 

At anytime, you may use the "open in new tab" button to view the resulting profile page. (If you do this now, the page will be blank. You haven't adding anything yet!) 

You may also edit the team member name at any time, by clicking on the name

Visit the Actions button which will be next to the edit button. 

In this location, you may add a team member photo, explore team member attributes, and configure page settings. Get to know your settings area in these handy tutorials: 

  1. Connecting your Agent Profile Photo

  2. Configure your Agent Attributes

  3. Dial in your SEO and Page Settings

Click the Edit Button to access your AF Editor. 

We recommend in general getting to know the basics of your Spark Editor prior to building your first team member entry.  

Once the AF Editor opens you will have the opportunity to fill out each of the tabbed areas and dropdown subcategories available in the team member plugin.   

Learn more about building a team member profile in your AF Editor in this tutorial: 

Building your Team Member Page Content

Further Education: 

  1. Connecting your agent photo

  2. Configuring your Agent Attributes

  3. Dial in your SEO and Page Settings

  4. Building your Team Member Page Content

  5. Displaying Testimonials

  6. Integrating Facebook Chat

  7. Integrating Calendly

  8. Connecting ShowcaseIDX

  9. Connecting Listings V2/V3

  10. Connecting Diverse Solutions 

  11. Creating a Team Roster page

  12. Changing the logo in the roster filters

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