Editing a Team member profile has two primary areas of interest.  The most important photo on the page is of course the agent/employee photo, and that will be located in the settings panel of your team member entry.

To Set your Agent Photo: 

Click on the gear wheel to access the settings panel.

Click change photo in the top of the panel below the circle opening. 

Changing the Background Image on your profile page: 

Click the Edit button to access the content builder of your profile. 

Once the page had loaded, click directly on the page to expose the options panel on the left. 

Click on the opening (or image if shown) below the title Header Background Image to open your media library and select a photo.  

We recommend optimizing an image ahead of time to around 1920px wide by 1020px tall at a file size of around 250kb or less if possible. 

NOTE: One of the options for use with this image is the use of a color overlay.  Be sure to use a semi-transparent color of your choosing to flatten your image to the background and allow text to display cleanly over the image

Scroll further down the options panel until you see the show gallery toggle.  Flip this to the on position to display it's available settings.  

 Click Directly on Image 1 to view it's available settings in the inspector. 

Click on the image selector to open the media library and connect or upload a photo to the page.  Optionally add a caption to the photo.  

Return to the previous panel by selecting back to inspector at the top of the panel. 

Add additional images to this gallery by pressing Add New.  Repeat as needed until all desired photos have been added. 

Optionally adjust the gallery rows and columns to suite your desired layout appearance.  Images can be set in rows of 1, 2, or 3.  Columns can be split into 3, 4, or 5.  

You may optionally decide to use a carousel style display for your photos by simply adding more photos than you have set to display in your columns.  This will automatically add arrow buttons to the edges of your gallery for easy navigation. 

This works with 1, 2, and 3 rows.  

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