This optional integration requires a https://calendly.com/ account.  This platform works directly with your Google Calendar, and a number of other amazing services. 

Accessing your Calendly Embed Code: 

Start by heading over to your calendly account to generate your embed code.
Calendly has provided instructions on how to access and create your embed code here.

You will need to get the Popup Text embed code. 

Placing the Calendly Calendar on your Team Member profile:

Open up the team member profile and look for the Chat Button option with a dropdown selector.  Select Calendly from the dropdown options.

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Once Enabled, the Calendly Embed Code Box will display.  Paste your Calendly Popup Text code directly into the input area. 

Save your work! 

Your Calendly connection is complete, users will automatically see your available services, and access scheduling options with a single click from your profile page. 

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