The new Team Member plugin offers brand new ways to enhance the page with your personalized set of available listings.  

Disclaimer: Use of ShowcaseIDX listings within a team member profile requires a hotsheet of results in your ShowcaseIDX admin.  Filtering for these listings is done when you create the hotsheet.  

Learn more about how to create your own hotsheets over at ShowcaseIDX with this helpful video: Creating Embeddable hotsheets with ShowcaseIDX. 

Select a user in ShowcaseIDX you want to filter listings with: 

Requirement: You'll want to be logged into your admin account over at

You will need a user profile for the agent in question that you want to filter listings for.  If needed, create a new user profile for this agent. 

Create a new hotsheet with this user profile:

With your user profile selected, navigate to the Hotsheets tab, and create a new hotsheet. 

Name this hotsheet, and Create A New Search to attach to this hotsheet. 

Add your MLS AgentID# filter, and any other filters to this search and hit "Save".  You will then be prompted to save your hotsheet as well.  

Placing this hotsheet on the profile: 

Navigate to your Team Member Profile, and open the content editor. To learn how to access the content editor for an agent profile, visit our team member plugin introduction.

Navigate to the Listings Category in your Design Tab.  Enable this toggle. 

Choose the listings source from the dropdown.  This product supports ShowcaseIDX, and our AF Listings plugins.  

Select ShowcaseIDX from the dropdown. 

Set the title and subtitle you'd like to have displayed above the listings areas of your profile. 

Select the hotsheet you named earlier in your ShowcaseIDX admin from the dropdown. 

Note: If you do not see your recently created hotsheet, give it a few minutes. Your hotsheet dropdown list is fetched and updated every few minutes from the server.  Grab some coffee and come back. 

You may optionally add a view all button to this set of listing results by using the toggle below the listings subtitle.

Learn more about how to create and save new hotsheets, and creating pages on your site to display results with shortcodes, review these tutorials: 

Once you have established a page on your site with a saved showcase hotsheet, you can use that URL to link to from your Team member profile.   

Enable the View All Button. 

Place your URL to your saved page. 

The result is your listings are available in carousel format, and a link provides access to the full results in grid format on a page. 

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