Website Re-Branding

Everything you need to know about changing the logo and/or brokerage/agent info, domain name change and more.

So first of all just to make clear about the re-branding itself and the options you can go with.

  • Changing the Logo -There's around 7+ locations your logo exists in various sizes, it's not just your header we would be changing out. This is also requires rebuilds of the buyer/seller guides, which are together updated in a logo re-brand.

-There are 2 options to go with:

  • Site Re-Brand: $100 - Change Logo (on header and CTA's)

  • Site Re-Brand: $200 - Change Logo (on header and CTA's) With changing the site colors.

Do you have a logo already that you would like to have on your site? 

If yes, send us in either of the following formats: (AI, EPS, PSD, PNG)

If you don't have a logo yet, you can order a custom logo design below:

The re-branding also involves changing the brokerage info throughout the site, and as well the contact info and also a new "about me/us" content if you have, you can send over the new bio as well.

  • Further down the road in case you want to change the domain name as well there are few things to be aware of:

1) So first up, when changing a domain name, you will start from 0 when it comes to SEO unless you do what's called a 'Google Change of Address' - this is basically where you let Google know that your domain name is changing so that you don't lose SEO - if you'd like we have instructions for how to do this or we can take care of this for you for $200 - if you'd like us to do this for you we'll let you know what information we need.

2) As far as changing the domain name itself from to - we can take care of that for $100 - to do this we'll need access to your domain registrar, so we need you to send login information OR you can make us an admin of your account. 

This process will take us about 2 business days - also please note that when making a domain switch, there is a period of about 24-48 hours where the site will need to 'propagate' (switch) - so during this time the site may appear a bit off - this is normal and nothing to worry about.


Once we're able to access the site on the new domain, we'll go through and make all needed back-end updates to complete this switch. While we do this we'll also update your site with the new logo and the rest of the changes as well.


So once you give the approval and provide us access, figure about 2-3 business days for everything to be 100% complete.