You may create a video gallery by adding new tabs and placing video embed codes in the Text Editor of each tab.  Add new tabs as needed for additional videos in the layout.

To Add An Embed Code to a Tab:  

Switch from the Visual Tab to the Text Tab and place a supported video embed code.  

To Create an embed Code With Youtube: 

Visit the video on the youtube platform, and look for the Share button below the video.  
You'll want to choose the embed option.

With the embed window opened, choose from the available options display features like start at, or disable recommended videos that are shown after the video player ends. 

Be sure to Copy your embed code.

To embed a vimeo video: 

Visit the video in a browser and select the share button symbol. 

Click "Show options" to review and change any settings regarding the video embed code output.

We recommend disabling the "text below the image" default option.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click the embed code and copy.  (You may use Ctrl+C to copy)


Creating your listing and adjusting the settings (part one of two)

Creating your listing and adjusting the settings (part two of two)

Learn More about Each Section Type and It's available options in below. 

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